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David H. Brill, M.D.

Dr. Brill is best known in Northern Arizona as Manager of Primary Care services for the Northern Arizona Veterans Administration, and pioneer of its Telehealth program, from 2010 until last year. The Northern Arizona VA serves 25,000 veterans spread out across 60,000 square miles.  Dr. Brill, with his staff of 200, made great strides in improving both the quality of healthcare and every veteran’s ability to access it, whether at home or at VA clinics across Northern Arizona. He strove to increase efficiencies, reduce public spending, and introduce new technologies to improve productivity and service.

Previously, Dr. Brill also had an extensive business career. As Corporate Medical Director for Michelin North America, he managed clinical and wellness programs for 27,000 employees and 84,000 dependents and retirees. Again, he achieved success by combining quality care with cost efficiencies and new technologies.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Brill understands the challenging environment small owners face. He founded three small businesses of his own, in hazardous chemical management, hospital clinical services, and diagnostic biotechnology. Each offered valuable lessons in funding, profitability, cost management, government regulation, and what it takes to achieve success.

By combining his experience in small business, corporate management and government services, Dr. Brill will bring to Congress a fresh, pragmatic viewpoint. Rather than polarity, he wants to create solutions. With his medical background, a top priority would be to reduce excessive healthcare expenses, especially the high cost of drugs, while expanding valuable services and the safety net for all.

But generating jobs and investing in education and infrastructure are also essential for individual health, for community health, and for the health of a nation we all want to see grow and prosper.

Why am I running?

Our country needs good governance.  We need to use our resources effectively by cutting waste and fraud, especially in healthcare. We can have an efficient and fair system that is accountable to all our citizens. We need to effectively invest in education so each generation can contribute to our society. We need a revitalized infrastructure with good jobs, and fair taxes for our citizens. I am running for Congress because the cut and deplete approach of diminished government is not serving our citizens and it is urgent to create a Congress that can work together for the benefit of the people of this country.

Brill for Congress Committee
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