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I have a unique experience and perspective in healthcare. From being a medical director of a Fortune 500 company, Michelin N.A.  to running three small companies that provided health care to employees, and consulting for hospitals and pharmaceuticals, I have innovatively controlled costs. When Republicans passed Medicare part D in 2003, Medicare was forbidden to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies, leaving that to insurance companies with less clout. We have paid dearly for that in high pharmaceutical prices. But neither Democrats nor Republicans reversed it. As a member of Congress, I would insist on the following three policies: 1) Medicare negotiates directly on price with pharmaceutical companies 2) Allow the importation of safe and effective medicines from Canada 3) Challenge patents for companies that abuse their privileges by jacking up prices. Jacking up prices kills people who can’t afford the medications and wastes taxpayer dollars

We should not be in the business of eliminating market competition through regulation so that the same medicines manufactured by precisely the same pharmaceutical firms cost twice as much in the USA as in Canada because of a market monopoly.

Irresponsible marketing by pharmaceutical companies was a leading cause of the opioid crisis. Many states are now suing them, but so far no one in the federal system is chasing reimbursement for excessive Medicare, Medicaid and VA costs. I’ve worked hard over the past 10 years serving Veterans struggling with chronic pain and addiction. They deserve to have better services. We can do this by clawing back some of the billions of dollars that pharmaceuticals made from excessive opioid production and inappropriate marketing.

Fair Taxation

We've loaded nearly $20 trillion of national debt onto future generations for them to pay. We did that by putting two wars, three tax cuts favoring the wealthy, and the Great Recession onto the next generations’ credit card. In the past, we paid for our wars.  Now we are asking future generations to pay for the. China has trillions of dollars in savings, while our debt is nearly 80% of everything we produce. We are losing our ability to be a global leader because we are bankrupting the government through “starve the beast” fiscal policy. If or when we have another economic downturn, we will have less financial room to maneuver than we did in the past. Rather than irresponsible deficits during good economic times. Government must COUNTERBALANCE cyclical recessions by providing unemployment, a safety net, and building infrastructure. During GOOD economic times, we should be running federal surpluses instead of providing welfare for the elite.

We just added another $1.4 Trillion to our national debt, mostly benefiting those who are already wealthy and whose children have great education and opportunity. Meanwhile, our current generation entering the job market is the first in U.S. history that has less opportunity and education than its parents.  Trickle-down economics has not worked. We need to end this horrible experiment that enriched the wealthy few at the cost of the disenfranchised many. Let’s significantly lower taxes for the working class and small businesses, the life-blood of the American economy. Let’s make sure that those who benefit the most pay their fair share to keep our economy strong.




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